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Lederhosen Sale – Mens Bundhosen

If you haven’t still figured out a Bavarian outfit for the festival, consider buying the lederhosen! It’s a versatile look that makes both the men and women look marvelous. Lederhosen (German for “leather breeches”) were worn by working men who participated in hard physical labor. Then the Munich festival made it custom, and now you can wear them for fashion.
Traditionally lederhosen are worn to celebrate good times; one of them is the celebration of Oktoberfest festival. And this festive costume does not keep a single look; it can pick the color of your happiness and look the ways you want. All you need to do is to pair it up with the traditional yet very modern collection of German outfits on our online store.

Lederhosen come in various lengths, and that’s how it receives a different name and gives you a different look. The length and look variation includes:
Lederhosen - Standard short knee high leather trousers

Plattlerhosen - Knee length that falls below or up to the knees

Bundhosen – These are the Capri style leather pants

Your Personal Take on Lederhosen – Keep It Authentic

No matter which version of the lederhosen you choose to wear, the choice between bundhosen vs. lederhosen is equally great, but either case the look is not complete unless you wear authentic lederhosen. Check our collection of authentic bundhosen which is a direct reflection of traditional Bavarian trachten but with beautiful modern designs and embroidery additions.

You will also find traditional bundhosens that have contrasting white and green stitching along with traditional embroidery down the sides. They come with matching suspenders. Our knee-long pants for men are available in brown, black, and olive green color pure leather. Our high quality German bundhosen will impress you with the expert style addition, but to make a statement with your outfit at the festival, pair it with other Oktoberfest outfit accessories.