Lederhosen and Family Fun: A Guide to Sister/Mother-Friendly Oktoberfest Activities

Looking for fun-filled activities with your family this Oktoberfest? You are at the right place for your information. We know how you can make your trip memorable! Oktoberfest is not just about beer drinking or wearing traditional German outfits like Lederhosen and Dirndl. Apart from that, it has so many things to participate in as it is one of the largest traditional events in the world. However, the Lederhosen costume is considered an important aspect of Oktoberfest to wear in unity with Germans. After reading the full blog, you would have a different opinion about Oktoberfest, its culture and heritage, German outfits like Lederhosens with long socks and dirndls with white blouses, and activities for families and friends. Something to wander about but not just a beer largest festival. Though, the beer in the festival is specially made for this event with some different ratios. Oktoberfest is a festival originally celebrated by the people of Germany and has been celebrated since the wedding of Crown Ludwig on 12th October 1810. It is celebrated officially in different parts of the country and across the globe. 

Did you know that Oktoberfest is called Wiesn by the locals as a short for Theresienwiese, which means Theresa’s field? It represents the Princess of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The fest first started to honor the uniting of a Royal Couple.

This guide will help you plan your Oktoberfest with your family and enjoy it with them. 

8 Steps Guide for a Memorable Trip with Your Family

Following are a few things to do in the Oktoberfest to make it a memorable experience: 

1. Attend Opening Parade

If you can attend the opening ceremony of the world’s largest cultural event, “The Oktoberfest,” then you should take your family to this festival day to witness the greatest parade and different musical instruments. Besides, you’ll have to fight to get a table to see the opening ceremony parade. It is a lot of fun to watch the opening ceremony. You can see that different tents march through the town’s center and then to the Oktoberfest grounds. You’ll see many traditional German outfits like Lederhosen and Dirndls and cultural enrichment that does not include 5 liters of beer. 

Tip: You can look at the Lederhosensale collection, as they have fair prices at Lederhosen and Dirndls with accessories. 

2. Go for Traditional Lederhosen and Dirndl Costumes Parade

The first Sunday of the Oktoberfest is saved for a special event. It is also known as the “Day for “Traditional Costume and Hunter’s Parade.”  The German outfits have their elegance and are perfect, or you can say the only getup for this event (if you don’t wear a Lederhosen costume, chances are people might judge you). So the parade consists of 9K participants marching in their German lederhosen and dirndls, representing different villages and clubs across the country. 

3. Check out the Concert at Bavaria Statue 

The second Sunday of the fest has another free event at the Statue of the Lady Bavaria: the Wiesen Landlords’ Concert. You might be wondering who the Wiesen Landlords are. The landlords are the ones who run and manage the tents and hospitals, etc. Bands from different tents play folk music in the concert, making it an amazing cultural musical experience for the family. It is often the mayor who conducts it. An honorable part of the fest!

4. Visit Small Tents 

You must have visited the Oktoberfest tents on the internet for sure. Besides, you might only know that there are a few more tents than you have seen online. The tents are scattered in different areas of the ground, along with mini tents attached to bug tents. However, it’s granted that most of the tents might already be reserved by the locals to hide from the crowd (locals know about it, and it’s their secret, lol). So yeah, some of them are easy to visit, including the ones in the Oide Wiesn. The tents inside it are family-friendly. Enjoy your time in one of the beer tents. 

Fun Fact: German Efficiency increases in the Oktoberfest, an experienced bartender fills a liter stein with a beer in 1.5 seconds. 

5. Gauge Yourself for Delicious Cuisines

Oktoberfest is also famous for its traditional cuisines. Stuff your face with your favorite dish at the fest. However, the food is costly, but it’s satisfying and yummylicious. But if you want something cheaper, as tents are a little expensive, you can go for the stalls outside the tents. The most eaten German cuisine is Hendl which is also roasted chicken. Try it. You and your family would love it for sure. 

6. Get Custom Gingerbread Heart

Get your family a customized gingerbread heart. They are not good to eat but can last forever as a decorative piece. In addition, there is just one confectionary stall at the Oktoberfest, which takes hours to customize your Gingerbread heart. 

7. Participate in Games 

Different types of fun activities go around the grounds of the festival. You can also take part in different contests like the best German outfit. The better the Lederhosen and dirndl, the more chance to win the prize. Moreover, there are games like Stein holding competitions, barrel rolling games, sausage-eating games, and much more. Oktoberfest is celebrated in a way to make it worth it for every person who visits it. Be it a kid, an adult, or an old person. It caters to everyone!

8. Get Souvenirs 

Souvenirs stalls from the Oktoberfest stall are a good place to go. You would love to buy something memorable there to keep forever as a memory that you visited with your family (if you are a seasonal visitor). However, many people in Germany take annual leaves just for Oktoberfest to enjoy the maximum at the fest. You’ll see T-shirts and mugs, hats, etc. You can get one according to your budget. Oktoberfest is not Oktoberfest without its famous Pretzel. People of every age love delicious and crispy snacks. It is a must to try at the fest.

Oktoberfest has its own post office in Munich, where attendees and festival-goers send over 120K postcards and gifts each year.  

9. Attend Closing Ceremony 

The last, or you can say the closing ceremony is a little hungover for most people as they are drunk. On average, 5.6 liters million beer were consumed in 2022. On the last day, you can witness 60-plus guns shooting in the air. Those who can tolerate the loud bangs of the gun and witness unique cultural closing remarks at the event can stay. Moreover, the people, in their traditional German lederhosen, gather at the Statue of Bavaria at noon to announce the ending of Oktoberfest. Although the drinking continues for hours after that, it will soon end.  

List of Attractions at Oktoberfest 

You can also visit the cultural site of the Oktoberfest and enjoy it. We have made a list of the main attractions at Oktoberfest, Munich; you should visit check below: 

S. No Places Overview 
1 Schichl  It’s an old-fashioned theater that dates back to 1867; it is famous for its parade. 
2 Bavaria Bavaria’s large statues are popular places to visit which can be climbed up to give an overview of Oktoberfest.
3 Toboggan  Toboggan is another famous ride. Loads of people watch the Toboggan riders failing to climb the slide’s tower even with the help of a tricky treadmill. 
4 Crinoline  It was built in 1924. It is famous for its traditional brass band playing for the guests. It’s a charming spot, yet not the oldest. 
5 Teufelsrad  It’s a famous ride at Oktoberfest, loved by the locals since 1908. You can stay there as long as you want after paying once.

Plan Activities Beforehand for Oktoberfest for your Mother or Sister

You must consider planning your time and activities for Oktoberfest; the following are a few key highlights: 

1. Dress Code is Important 

A dress code is essential. Either you are from Germany or an international visitor. The German outfit is considered almost necessary to wear at Oktoberfest. It’s a way to show your love for Lederhosen and Dirndl with their required accessories. 

2. Get Oktoberfest Especial Beer

You won’t get an ordinary beer at the Oktoberfest but their special beer, which is made from their special recipe, particularly in the Oktoberfest event. The beer is strong and has some 6% alcohol in it. But if you are not a beer drinker, you can go to the wine tents. It’s especially there to deal with older people. 

Did you know you can visit the wine tent or Weinzelt at the Oktoberfest with 15 different types of wines and champagne too? 

3. Long Tables for Family 

If there are more people in your family, booking your table before going to Oktoberfest is recommended as it is always crowded, and you won’t get a table in your desired tent.

You can also decorate your table with red, black, and yellow, as these colors are in German flags. It would look lovely. 

5 Things to Consider When Going to the Oktoberfest with Mother/Sister

1. Choose the Familia Day 

The most important thing to remember when reserving your table at Oktoberfest is that it is a good day to go. Yes, the event is family-friendly; however, you need to consider that the place gets a bit crowded after a specific time, which is sometimes not good for families or kids. 

So, try to avoid going to Oktoberfest Saturdays. You can go for any weekday slot, though. It would be great for the family.

2. Know your Budget 

Before visiting the fest, you should budget according to the number of family members because it’s pretty cheap. Also, you only know how much you have spent there if you make a budget before going. It is essential to do so because you never know what will happen inside the fest. 

3. Select Family Venues 

Try to select family venues like beer gardens or places where more of a family are not some bachelors group or some other. You or your family won’t like the noises from the youngsters. Plus, you know the weather conditions in September, so it would b great if you opt for an open-air space or any garden with a large space. Family spaces are necessary for an environment like Oktoberfest, where everyone has a beer with a few percent alcohols. 

4. Go for an Easily Accessible Venue

A true Oktoberfest party entails a lot of beer, so given attendees will most likely drink a few, it’s crucial to examine if the site is well-connected and if public transportation is close. Some visitors may choose to arrive by car, so find out if there are additional fees for items like parking.        

Did you know that there is an app called “Safe Wiesn for girls and women”? It is a must-have app for all girls and young women. It’s free with great features, including current location, hotel, and a secure area available on the map with a particular emergency call feature. It also has emergency phone numbers with additional features.

5. Gauge with Noise Restrictions

Oktoberfest celebrations are not in any sense a quiet celebration. So, select the venue wisely. The venue should be subjected to noise restrictions. Most elderly people do not like noise but want to visit the cultural festival in Munich, Germany. So, to keep up with them, the music is played in a little voice until a specific hour. 

Did you know Germany introduced the “Quiet Oktoberfest” concept in 2005? It has been done to make celebrations amicable for family and elderly people. It means that only brass music is allowed till 6 pm.

6. Take Weather Situations into Account

You must maintain some unforeseen events in the back of your mind. Before signing on the dotted line, ensure you have a bad weather contingency plan and double-check the venue’s cancellation policy. It’s important to check the weather before planning your family trip. 

Lederhosen and dirndl are comfortable, yet you might feel hot considering the crowd. 

General List to Survive Oktoberfest with Family 

People are so involved in beer that they pass out after dinner. If you plan to visit Oktoberfest with your mother/sister, follow these crucial tips to save yourself from mishaps. 

  1. Keep yourself Hydrated all the time. The grounds of Oktoberfest are full of people. On average, 6 million people visit the fest. So, it’s important to keep drinking your water occasionally.
  2. If you want to stay late, head to the Kafer tent before 10:30 pm, as every tent closes at 10:30 pm. Only the Kafer tent is open till 1 am. Otherwise, you won’t get a table for your family if you go as a last resort. 
  3. Going to the fest early is recommended because people reserve their tables so quickly that the chances of your family getting the table shrink if you go there by noon. Do it quickly! 
  4. Set up a meeting point with the family in case anyone gets missing. The family members should try to meet again (in case they get separated). 
  5. Don’t be so picky about the tent. Every tent serves its customers just like people participate in German cultural celebrations by wearing Lederhosen and Dirndl. You won’t regret it. 
  6. Cash is preferable to credit/debit cards. Keep it simple. 
  7. Keep the essentials only. You don’t have to bring lots of things with you. Keep it safe because you might get drunk and can lose stuff, as pickpockets are not much of a problem there. 

Wrap Up 

Remember to check the specific schedule and offerings for the year you plan to attend Oktoberfest, as activities may vary. Wear your German Lederhosen. Additionally, arriving early in the day is advisable to avoid the crowds and make the most of the family-friendly activities available. Enjoy your family-friendly Oktoberfest experience! Oktoberfest is a vibrant and inclusive festival offering something for everyone, ensuring an enjoyable experience for your sister, mother, and family. Also, some, many other attractions and activities cater to a wider audience. You can visit different stalls, games, contests, rides, and beers. If not beers, then wines (for aged people). The fest is managed in a way to cater to the needs of every age. Pick your choice from Lederhosensales and get limited discount offers as the event is near.