A Detailed Guide for Rental Lederhosen and Dirndl for Oktoberfest

The dress code is mandatory in Oktoberfest. You’ll see loads of people in Lederhosen and dirndls. However, many people might not wear traditional outfits because Oktoberfest has no official dress code. Someone said correctly: “Oktoberfest without dressing up is like Halloween without a costume party.” You can still enjoy the festival without wearing the German outfit, but it will more likely be a good thing to do when going to Oktoberfest. 

Did you know that Oktoberfest also has a contest for the best Lederhosen or Dirndl, and you win prizes based on your dress? 

Men are likelier to be seen in the Lederhosen than in casual denim jeans. Also, the women will likely be seen in colorful dirndl dresses throughout the festival. Not only that, but the kids are also in Bavarian cultural dresses. Stop by a shop and get your traditional Bavarian dress to enjoy the fullest. You can also watch discounts in different German lederhosen stores to get it at lower prices. 

Did you know that “Lederhosen” is also called leather pants in English? It was manufactured using deer and goat skin, but now they are also available in synthetic materials. 

You can also rent out the German outfit from different stores worldwide to save money on Lederhosen or Dirndl because sometimes it’s just a one-time wear.

7 Lederhosen and Dirndl Costume Rental Stores 

Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival in Munich, Germany, has played an important role in fostering and promoting Lederhosen and dirndls. 

Did you know that Dirndls are not just for adults? Children can also wear traditional dirndls, letting the entire family dress up in matching attire for festivals and special events.

Many attendees from all over the world participate in the custom by wearing these garments throughout the event. To save some money, we have summed up a few rental stores to get you a costume for the fest. 

  • Lederhosenverleih

LederhosenVerleih has been in the market since 1995 and is a great option to find first-in-class Lederhosens, types of Lederhosen for men, shirts, vests, and other accessories for men. Also, they offer Dirndl, blouses, Lederhosens for women, and other accessories. The best part is that they also offer rental costumes for children and provide a customized solution for 10 or more people. They are based in Germany but deliver worldwide wherever you want. They have traditional Trachten wear, which is suitable for all ages. Moreover, they take care of cleanliness. They are the most reliable rental services in the market. The starting price for their collection is as low as 13 euros. When adding it to the cart, you can check it out and book your order for the required date. 

You must check out the size of the Lederhosen as per your physic, or if you are booking or placing an order for Dirndl, then check their size chart for a perfect fitting. You can always ask your queries at info@lederhosenmiete.de to quickly resolve any matter with the team. They have the best rental dresses available and are a must to try their products. 

  • Bavarian Outfitters 

Bavarian Outfitter is another great choice for a traditional Bavarian Lederhosen or Dirndl. They have been serving the marketplace for a decade now. Additionally, they also offer group discounts to their customers. These costume rentals have around 750 Lederhosens and approximately 450 dirndls in different colors and styles. They have all types of Lederhosen, including full-length and knee-length shorts, coats, shirts, shoes, and Dirndl with different lengths. You can check the models for a better idea to choose from the collection. We recommend checking the size chart before making a reservation. The starting price of the lederhosen rent is 34.90 euros, and cleanliness is included in it. When adding the Dirndl or Lederhosen to the cart, you can reserve your costume for free for the required date. The charges increase with the number of rental days. 

Moreover, they deliver across Germany or have a Munich store. However, if you want it somewhere else, you can still ask them at the provided phone number on their website. They would entertain their international guests with their good quality traditional German lederhosen.

  • Kostume Breuer

Kostume Breuer is another costume rental company that provides top-quality Lederhosens and dirndls for Oktoberfest. However, they are not only worn at Oktoberfest, but lots of people also choose Lederhosen to wear at weddings. They also offer other accessories to pair with the Lederhosen or Dirndl and have unique color dirndls. The best thing about the company is they already charge the tailing price for the rent of the costumes.  You can check the size chart on the website and adjust the custom according to your requirements. 

The starting price of the rental collection for Lederhosen and Dirndl is 45 euros for 3 days. You can also choose the dates for booking the custom. However, book a costume that is available on your required dates. They take payments in cash or via credit cards or have a store where you can take your costume and pay for it. They deliver all over Germany. You can still ask them if they can deliver across the country 

  • Boston Costume 

Boston Costume has been a US-based rental costumes company since 1965. They have a massive collection of costumes for Bavarian culture in different colors and styles. You can get your costume fitted or personalized as per your size. Moreover, you can ask them if you want something you can’t find on the page. They need to have everything mentioned on their website; sometimes, they show it to the customer they want to have that costume. They deliver the costumes nationwide, and the starting price is as low as $45. You can go on the website, open the Bavarian, and request the costume. When you click on the requested costume, a form will appear in the next window asking for your measurements and required rental dates. However, you can also email or call them to confirm the availability of the dress before filling out the form. It is advised to read the rental return time before the reservations of the trachten wear. 

  • Adele’s of Hollywood

Adele’s of Hollywood is another rental costume provider that helps people find Lederhosen and Dirndl at reasonable prices in good condition. However, the rental price is fixed and is determined by the quality of the product and not by the length of the German outfit. The standard rental period is 3 to 4 days, but it still depends on the reservation made by the customer. The starting price for the rental wear is $65. Check the size chart before placing your order for rent on the occasion’s date. The company is a US-based costume rental company. They have been in the market since 1945. Moreover, they have a store in California. Before that, check into their return policies to avoid problems in the future.

  1. Gott a Costume 

Gott a Costume is another popular store to rent costumes. They have a good collection of traditional German costumes, particularly for Oktoberfest. You can always request the costume or call them for availability. The size chart is provided with a product page; you can check it. Still, if you need help with the size, you can contact us by filling out the required form. The rental price of the costume is $30, and the purchase price is $80. Furthermore, they might offer discounts soon to celebrate their 10th anniversary. So stay tuned because Oktoberfest is nearer. 

  • Stoner’s Funstore 

Stoner’s Funstore is a US-based costume provider. They have around 20K rental costumes in stock. Their costumes are available in different sizes, colors, and various styles for different categories of Lederhosen and dirndls. They are guaranteed the cleanliness of the product. Their costumes are well-maintained and pressed.

The rental fee for the costume is $40. Moreover, the costume company required accurate measurements to reserve the costumes. Check their Oktoberfest Bavarian costumes; you might get something you want in your area. 

Tips Before Renting the Lederhosen Costume 

Here are the following tips you should consider whenever renting a German outfit: 

  • Check their rental fees first and compare prices with other rental stores. 
  • Always check for the return and shipping policy before placing your order. 
  • Check reviews of the store on Trustpilot or with an authentic source. 
  • The costume company might ask for a security deposit. 
  • Handle the product carefully; if not, problems may occur with the vendor.

Lederhosen and Dirndls on eBay and Amazon 

We would like you to know about the eBay and Amazon stores among all the rental stores. They also offer Lederhosen and Dirndl in different styles, colors, and lengths. However, they are not customizable at all. You can opt for small, medium, large, or maybe extra large. But the best part is the rates are quite cheap. You can have your outfit for Oktoberfest from Amazon or eBay. Their starting prices are somewhere between $24. But the quality differs from the rental ones. Some of the rental stores mentioned above have high-quality traditional wear which has no comparison with the products available on the whole market. But it is a good option if you want to match with the people in the surrounding area during Oktoberfest. Besides, if you consider top quality products, go for the rental costume because their quality is 100% better. 

Did you know that Lederhosen and dirndls have seen a revival in favor in recent years, not only during festivals but also as fashion choices for weddings, parties, and other events? People of various backgrounds appreciate the charm and elegance of this traditional clothing.

List of German Lederhosen 

Some popular styles of Lederhosen are the following:

  • Knee-length lederhosen with suspenders 
  • Short lederhosen with suspenders 
  • Button-front lederhosen 
  • Leather shorts with drawstring waist 
  • Modern Lederhosen with slimmer fit and contemporary designs

You can also pair these German outfits with traditional shirts and accessories.

Did you know Lederhosen was initially developed as tough winter clothing for Alpine laborers, farmers, and hunters? Leather gave both protection and durability.

List of Dirndls Dresses for Women

You would love to know about the dirndl categories. The following are the types of dirndls:

  • Traditional dirndl 
  • Vintage dirndl 
  • Midi/Classic dirndl 
  • Mini Dirndl 
Fun Fact: The position of the bow on the apron indicates a woman’s marital status. A bow tied to the left means the woman is single, a bow tied to the right implies that the woman is taken, a bow tied in the front center indicates that the woman is a virgin, and a bow tied in the back indicates that the woman is a widow.

Oktoberfest Traditional Dress FAQs

Q: What to wear to Oktoberfest in the USA?

A: Traditional Bavarian attire is commonly worn at Oktoberfest. For men, this includes Lederhosen, a traditional shirt, suspenders, and Haferl shoes. Women typically wear dirndls, which consist of a blouse, full skirt, apron, and appropriate footwear.

Q: Do any of the guests dress normally for the occasion?

A: While everyday attire is acceptable, most people dress up for the celebrations to feel more involved. Even those in regular attire generally wear a checkered shirt with pants to keep with the customary pattern.

Q: What kinds of shoes do people wear at Oktoberfest?

A: Women typically wear close-toed boots or shoes. Heeled shoes are rare, as attendees are on their feet for many hours throughout the celebration and desire to be comfortable. Men usually wear closed shoes or boots, ones they don’t mind getting beer on!

Q: Where can I purchase or get Oktoberfest costumes on rent?

A: You can buy or rent Oktoberfest costumes from multiple sources. For instance, local costume shops, online retailers, and Oktoberfest specialty stores. You can also explore online marketplaces or platforms specializing in costume rentals.

Q: How much do Oktoberfest costumes cost?

A: The cost of Oktoberfest costumes can vary depending on various factors, such as product quality, designs, and the inclusion of accessories. Prices can range from relatively affordable to a little more expensive.

Q: Would any other attire but not a traditional German outfit look bad at Oktoberfest?

A: Traditional attire is the norm at Oktoberfest, but it is not mandatory. Attendees can wear modern clothes or anything comfortable wearing in the fest. 

Q: How do I know what size Lederhosen or Dirndl to get?

A: Always go through the retailer’s size chart before purchasing or renting the Lederhosen or Dirndl as per your size. If you don’t know, measure accordingly and adjust to what you are getting to make it look perfect on you. 

Q: Can I wear my Oktoberfest costume to other events?

A: Oktoberfest costumes can be worn for other events or themed parties, especially if you want to embrace the Bavarian culture or enjoy wearing traditional attire. They are also suitable for cultural festivals and German-themed celebrations. Now, some grooms are also considering wearing Lederhosen at their weddings.

Q: How should I care for my Oktoberfest costume?

A: The care instructions can vary depending on the materials used in your costume. However, following the washing instructions the rental service provides is generally recommended. Keep your costume in a clean and dry place to prevent damage. 


Retaining a lederhosen or dirndl costume is a great way to experience traditional German culture without investing in a permanent wardrobe. When renting, choose a reputable company that offers high-quality costumes and a wide selection of styles. Remember to accessorize your costume with shoes, jewelry, and hats to complete the look. You can also rent accessories with your costume. You’ll be ready to attend the largest beer festival or cultural event, “Oktoberfest,” or any other German-themed event in style. Remember to check the specific guidelines and recommendations provided by the retailer or rental service you choose, as they may have additional FAQs or instructions to ensure the proper care and usage of Oktoberfest costumes.

Also, you can check out the Lederhosensale to get some stuff at affordable prices, and it’ll remain with you forever unless you donate or sell it.